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Apex Legends players call for Respawn to bring more cosmetics to the store that players can buy with the game’s free in-game currency.

Like any modern free-to-play live-service game, Apex Legends relies on cosmetic purchases to generate revenue.

Though many of the game’s cosmetics can be purchased with Apex Coins ⁠— the game’s premium currency ⁠— some skin recolors can be bought with the game’s free currency, Legend Tokens.

However, some players have found that these Legend Token cosmetics are showing up in the game’s tore less frequently and are not happy about the change.

Apex Legends players demand Legend Token cosmetics return

A post on the Apex Legends subreddit gained traction among the community after one fan pointed out that they noticed that Legend Token cosmetics had shown up in the store much less frequently than before.

For those who may now know, Legend Tokens primary use to unlock new Legends from the game’s roster. Though, the ‘Limited-Time’ category of the store would sometimes feature recolored cosmetics that players could spend Legend Tokens on.

To some players’ dismay, these cosmetics seem to be appearing in the store less and less. One user expressed their frustration at the store’s current layout, saying: “Yeah I just noticed this… Currently, there are three separate shops. Not one of them has items that can be purchased with in-game earned Tokens.”

Another explained their perspective of the situation as a long-time player. “Absolutely. I have 409k [Tokens] as a day 1 player. Maybe once every 6 weeks I get to buy a recolor. I could stop playing the game and still buy every legend for like 5 years lol.”

Many have an abundance of Legend Tokens at their disposal with very little to spend them on, due to the time between seasons with only one new Legend to purchase at a time.

Now that Apex’s level cap has increased, dedicated fans are only going to gather up more and more Tokens that they can’t frequently spend.

The community suggested various solutions to the problem, such as having a weekly store rotation dedicated solely to recolors so players could spend their Tokens. Others suggested merging Tokens and Crafting Metals together or even offering the option to convert Tokens to Apex Coins.

While it’s unlikely that Respawn will implement drastic changes to the game’s currency system, it is clear players are looking for more meaningful ways to sure Legend Tokens.


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