Overwatch 2 is here, and with it comes a whole new range of cosmetics, sprays, emotes, voice lines, and more (and no loot boxes). With the graphical update of the new game, the cosmetics have been given a massive overhaul with awesome lighting and shadows to add to the art style of the game.

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Overwatch has always been known for its event cosmetics, and with Halloween right around the corner, we’re loving the new skins available for all players to purchase. There is also a section in the store to purchase Overwatch League (OWL) skins which have some amazing designs and details. These are purchased with a specific currency that benefits the teams of the league.


9/9 Gargoyle – Winston

Players may think the Gargoyle skin is a part of the Halloween set of cosmetics, however, it belongs to a different limited-time event. This skin arrived in Overwatch during the Anniversary 2019 period, with many fans jumping to purchase this one immediately. In Overwatch 2, this skin has been given a slight overhaul due to the graphical update.

The skin gives Winston the appearance of a gargoyle (no points for guessing). With a stone/magma body paired with the horns, this will definitely scare the enemies as Winston bounds into battle. His new bone armor and wings also add an awesome gothic aesthetic. As well as these changes, his gun also received some visual changes. Unfortunately, it still shoots the same laser/lightning. This skin will likely be purchasable in the store during the next anniversary event.

8/9 Warlock – Ashe

Ashe was not an original hero in Overwatch and joined the fight as a DPS character to give MacRee (now known as Cassidy) mains a slightly different, more versatile option. This skin was added to Overwatch in the Halloween event of 2019 but is currently available for purchase due to the Halloween update becoming active once again.

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This skin, similar to the Gargoyle of Winston, also had a slight overhaul due to its bright orange lighting on both Bob and Ashe. Her weapon also looks unique with what seems to be Witches runes running down the side.

7/9 Clockwork – Zenyatta

This Zenyatta skin is the first on the list of brand-new cosmetics added to the game with the launch of Overwatch 2. Clockwork adds gold and bronze highlights all over his body with a white robe and hood, almost reminiscent of something from Assassin’s Creed.

Clockwork also gives Zenyatta’s orbs a new look with a gold shell and bright blue highlights. This cosmetic is one of the first to be added to the OWL store which can be found in the end tab of the in-game shop. At 300 tokens, it seems fairly reasonable, and the purchase of this skin will directly contribute toward teams in the OWL. It’s unclear whether Clockwork will be a limited-time skin as it’s only available through the OWL store.

6/9 Sniper – Ana

Sniper gives Ana a slightly more realistic look. With headphones for communication and a desert tone to her outfit, Ana looks like she could take on an army.

The cosmetic’s main focus s clearly the reskin of her weapon. With an entirely new weapon model, scope, silencer, and bipod it’s slightly more reminiscent of something out of Call of Duty or Battlefield. If you’re a fan of other FPS games, this one may be right up your street. The Sniper cosmetic was added to Overwatch as a part of the Archive event in March 2020. This skin is likely to return to the store around the same time in 2023.

5/9 Hinotori – Kiriko

Kiriko is one of the brand-new heroes added to Overwatch 2 at launch. As a support, she is on the battlefield healing teammates and dealing poke damage to help the tank and DPS heroes alive. This skin entirely changes her look with a new yellow dress and robotic eyes/skin, making this reminiscent of something from Cyberpunk.

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The word “Hinotori” directly translates to Phoenix, perfectly representing this character’s new cosmetic. Her healing cards also get a new look with special lighting effects. Hinotori is available through the Season 1 Battle Pass, so make sure to unlock this as soon as possible before it’s gone forever.

4/9 Cursed Captain – Reaper

Cursed Captain is currently a free Reaper skin available to all players who log in to the game between October 25th and the end of Season one. Blizzard said this skin is an apology for all the bugs and issues that came with the launch of the Overwatch sequel.

It’s safe to say this skin is an awesome addition to the already existing cosmetics available for Reaper. This only makes us more excited about the ideas the designers have for future Reaper skins and pirate-themed cosmetics.

3/9 Enchanted Armor – Pharah

Pharah is one of the original characters in the Overwatch roster and has been a fan favorite among the DPS characters. Pharah has some awesome skins, but Enchanted Armor definitely stands out from the crowd as her entire body seems to be missing. This is most notable in the menu screens and hero poses where her helmet is removed.

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This cosmetic is currently available to purchase as part of the Halloween event and can be found among the list of skins in Pharah’s hero editor screen.

2/9 Draugr – Reinhardt

Reinhardt is one of Overwatch’s most popular heroes in the tank category. This skin takes Reinhardt’s modern knight-themed armor and completely changes him into a Nordic zombie. With his purple skin and terrifying blue eyes, this skin will petrify the enemies when using his charge ability.

The shield on his arm can also be seen with arrows shot into it, perhaps Hanzo has something to do with this? Nevertheless, this cosmetic has some awesome details and is one of the newer skins in the Overwatch timeline as it was only added last year in the 2021 Halloween event. Draugr is currently available for purchase through the Halloween update but won’t be around forever.

1/9 Cyber Demon – Genji

Genji is easily one of the most iconic characters from Overwatch. However, fans may not recognize him with this amazing Mythic cosmetic.

Cyber Demon is the first skin in the game that allows players to fully customize specific sections such as their sword, mask, markings, and colors. This cosmetic is available through the Season 1 Battle Pass. This does mean it won’t be available to all players forever so make the most of this first season of Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 is available on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and PC through Battle.net.

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