Biggest Beauty Moments of 2022 Recap

Even though it feels like the start of 2022 was just yesterday, the year’s end is mere weeks away. This month is usually jam-packed with holiday activities (like the marathon that is checking off every name on your shopping list), but it’s also a good time to reflect on everything that’s happened in the last 12 months while thinking about what’s ahead in 2023.

So far, a few things are certain for the new year. For starters, the beauty industry is sure to crank out even more innovative products, and new trends beyond our wildest dreams await us. But while we patiently sit tight to see just what’s in store, we’d be remiss to not take the opportunity to look back on some of the most impactful beauty moments of 2022 before midnight hits on Dec. 31.

A lot has happened in the last 365 days, from brands banding together to fight for reproductive rights when the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade to divisive haircut trends that took TikTok by storm. Ahead, we’re recounting the best beauty moments of the year that deserve at least one more look. Keep reading to see what made the list.