The grandfather and granddaughter duo are operating this Triad business to provide hair care for Black men and women in the city of Greensboro.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Bruce and his granddaughter, Krista Morehead, are the dynamic duo behind a Black-owned and Black-operated beauty supply store in Greensboro.

“I remember when you could hardly reach the register. You had to stand on a crate,” Everett Bruce, the owner of Personal Treasures Beauty Supply and Salon said to his granddaughter.

“We kind of bounce off of each other, he’s more of the business side and I know what people like, I know what I like,” said Morehead, who serves as the store’s manager.

Bruce started this business back in 2007 when he was selling various products to local salons. 

“This place had been empty for a couple of years, and I had actually been here to sell merchandise to this salon, and they had closed up. So, I would pass here every day and I kept thinking, “I’m gonna open that place,” Bruce recalled.

A few years later, Morehead joined the family business at a young age and brought her own personal touch to the store.

“I know that I’m a bit better at social media than he is. And that’s one thing, I’m on social media all day, so like how can I help? I’m here all the time— how can I help bring customers in through social media,” Morehead said.

“You know that’s probably the easiest thing to do is to work with her. You don’t have to worry about anything that’s the best part of it,” Bruce responded.

Together, the two of them have lasted by cultivating a loyal customer base.

“It’s been very family-oriented. I’ve been able to make a lot of relationships with our customers. I’ve had people come in here, just to see me and to buy from me because I have built that relationship with them.”

“They will let me know if they came from Winston, or Kernersville, you know, to say, ‘I want you to know I did come!’ And I would say that I really appreciate it, more than you think,” Bruce said.

It’s that gratitude that keeps old customers coming back and new ones ready to enter the doors again.

“You are spending that dollar with a Black business and also coming into a business that is knowledgeable about Black hair. A lot of people come in and say, “I like coming in here because you know what you’re talking about,” said Morehead.

This beauty supply shop is located at 3313 South Holden Road and, while it caters to Black hair specifically, they have products for all types of hair.


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