As recently reported by market research firm Statista, the United States claimed the largest social media ad market segment with $80.7 billion in ad spending directed toward the 327.22 million active social network users across platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok in 2022. As the cosmetics and personal care product industries continue to grow following the COVID-19 pandemic, marketing strategies have shifted away from television and print media towards digital marketing strategies leveraging influencers and targeted ad campaigns.

In 2023, many digital marketing opportunities are available for cosmetics and personal care companies to reach consumers better, anticipate purchasing trends, and meet unique consumer demands. However, with so many options available, it can be complex or confusing for some companies to navigate and decide which options would be the most effective for their brand and marketing goals.

CosmeticsDesign recently interviewed Leslie Ann Hall, CEO and Founder of Iced Media, a New York-based advertising agency representing the interests of beauty and skin care companies, for her insights into these topics and advice for industry members interested in adopting or refining digital marketing techniques into their branding strategies in 2023.

Hall presented her findings on these topics at CEW’s recent State of the Beauty Industry webinar. She also offers years of experience and data-backed results to help cosmetics and personal care companies cultivate a well-informed decision-making process regarding digital marketing and targeted ad spending.


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