Fancy Face founder Brittany Gray took an unusual career path to become a beauty entrepreneur.  “As a teenager and in my early 20s I worked as an actress in Hollywood movies like Chicago with Catherine Zeta-Jones,”​ Gray said. “I saw the transformative power of makeup and realized I had a natural knack for doing makeup for myself and others, so I spent time getting formally trained and certified as a professional makeup artist.”

Gray started up Fancy Face in 2006 as a luxury hair and makeup service, covering everything from bridal and red-carpet events to editorial shoots and television. Since then it had become one of Toronto’s most prestigious beauty team, made up of 30 seasoned experts.

Strategic adaptation during COVID

This success was followed by the launch of a signature beauty line in May 2020, a makeup and skin care range made with high-quality, natural, and cruelty-free ingredients, as well as the opening of a boutique and beauty salon in Toronto, the Rosé Room.

“By introducing a product line to our service business, our company had strategically adapted during the Covid-19 pandemic and allowed us to grow our business two-fold despite an economic downturn,”​ said Gray. “In addition, we expanded to sell our signature line of cosmetics and skin care through our e-commerce website—an important undertaking and a huge step in the right direction.”

No desire to launch seven different eye creams

So how did Fancy Face differ from its competitors? “When it comes to our service offerings, we strive to be experts in what we do. For example, we style hair but don’t cut it,”​ said Gray. 


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