Season 13 of Apex Legends will bring a brand-new thematic event, and leaks imply that it will have an anime theme.

With the most recent update bringing the Awakening Collection Event and the return of Control, Apex Legends Season 13 is almost halfway through.

Leakers have discovered details about the season’s Thematic Event, which is allegedly anime-themed and will offer cosmetics and a new Prestige Skin. Thematic events like this one are the ones that primarily highlight special skins among them.

Additionally, it appears that during this next Hero Anime Thematic Event, Respawn will release new skins based on several well-known anime characters. Here is everything we know so far.

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Apex Legends Season 13 Gaiden Thematic Event predicted release date

There is no official release date from Respawn, however, we are predicting that the release date is around Tuesday 19th July 2022. We will share the official date as soon it is available on the developer’s website or social platforms.

Apex Legends Gaiden Thematic Event leaks

The Apex Legends Gaiden Thematic Event store, which features all of the skins and cosmetics that players will be able to purchase when it goes online, was revealed by reputable leaker AG420.

Check out the list below to find out which Legends will get anime-themed skins and what anime series they are based on:

  • Octane – One Piece skin
  • Wattson – Naruto skin
  • Mirage – My Hero Academia skin
  • Revenant – Evangelion
  • Crypto – Dragon Ball Z
  • Bloodhound – Tokyo Ghoul
  • Bangalore – Sailor Moon
  • Seer – Heart Stopper

The Collection Event’s Kaiju theme complements the skins’ overall anime vibe. The Gaiden Thematic Event will also include yet another Prestige Skin in addition to different anime skins for Legends and weapons.

Players must collect every cosmetic item from the Gaiden Thematic Event to finish the collection and unlock this skin. It won’t be cheap, but it will be similar to how players obtain an heirloom from the Collection Events.

Despite this, the Bangalore skin has three variants that players can develop by completing challenges. 

Respawn often publishes events for Apex Legends to keep things interesting for players because it is a live service game with a constantly changing world. These occasions typically bring new heirlooms and cosmetic items to the game.

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