Millennial-favorite beauty brand Glossier has recently launched its skincare and makeup product lines into over 600 North American Sephora stores as part of the diversification into an omnichannel marketing and branding strategy. The move, a strong push from their original availability as a direct-to-consumer eCommerce brand, allows new and loyal customers to touch and sample products in-store.

Meet the brand

Glossier, the brainchild of founder Emily Weiss, was born from her original project, Into the Gloss, ​which Weiss launched in 2010. Weiss, who started in the fashion and beauty space as an on-set styling assistant at Vogue, started Into the Gloss​ as an opportunity to interview and share insights from prominent women in the industry. Its most popular series, Top Shelf​, saw interviewees like Karlie Kloss share their thoughts from their bathrooms and included photos of their shelves and medicine cabinet contents, 

The site’s popularity boomed throughout the early 2010s, reaching 1.3 million unique visitors by May 2016. Sensing the potential reach of her platform, in 2014, Weiss explored investment opportunities and the possibility of converting Into the Gloss into a viable e-Commerce space for curated beauty products. Upon securing $2 million of seed funding through a venture capital opportunity, Weiss went forward with founding as it is known today. 

One of the reasons the brand, described by Polina Marinova of Fortune as “one of the most disruptive in beauty​,” saw such immediate success is the versatility and accessibility of its products. The launch in October 2014 was small, with four products: an all-purpose balm, facial mist, sheer skin tint, and moisturizer. By 2019, Glossier had a $1.2 billion valuation and added over a million new customers, which increased to $1.8 billion by 2022. 


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