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  • Halo Infinite’s new Frostbite Effects Set bundle costs $18 (effectively $20 due to the way buying Credit currency works), with fans near-unanimously criticizing it for its high price and low value.
  • Notably, two of the armor effects in the bundle can’t even be used at the same time, even though the effects in question cover completely different parts of your Spartan’s body.
  • Though Halo Infinite’s shop has improved over time, the sale of bundles like this one highlight the fact that it still has a long way to go.

Since it launched late last year, Halo Infinite’s fans have frequently criticized the game’s microtransaction store for its high prices and low overall value. Throughout the early days of the game’s first season, bundles in the shop were often quite expensive at 2,000 Credits — an amount equivalent to $20 — and since only a few cosmetics were included in these bundles, many felt they were significantly overpriced.

In response, 343 Industries promised to make improvements to the shop in January, telling players that they could expect reduced prices and better value moving forward. Over the course of the year, many $17-20 bundles gave way to cheaper ones that offered more items, and in general, fans have been more receptive to the shop than they used to be. With that said, some particularly pricey bundles have still been interspersed between more affordable options, leaving plenty of room for improvement in Microsoft’s flagship Xbox and Windows PC shooter.


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