Diablo 4 features its fair share of monetisation, allowing players to purchase cosmetic items in an item Shop that refreshes its inventory weekly, alongside an upcoming Battle Pass and additional account upgrades like new mounts.

As you explore the world of Sanctuary throughout Diablo 4, you’ll come across plenty of armour that allows you to further personalise your character’s appearance at one of the game’s many Wardrobe locations.

Outside of what can be discovered in the world, though, Blizzard’s item Shop provides players with additional monetised cosmetics to help you to stand out from the crowd – so here’s everything you need to know about what’s available this week and how to get Platinum.

What is the Diablo 4 Shop? Monetisation explained

Screenshot showing the 'Recommended For You' section of Diablo 4 item shop

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The Shop in Diablo 4 is something that will not be unfamiliar to most modern gamers, as it is filled with cosmetic armour transmogs that change the look of your character, along with mounts and account upgrades.

Items in the Shop can be purchased with a premium currency known as ‘Platinum’, which can be earned on through the currently unreleased Battle Pass, or alternatively, with real currency. 

A point of contention from Diablo‘s history is how it handled the in-game Shop. Fans previously exploded on social media and message boards back in 2012 when Diablo 3 launched with an auction house that allowed players to buy items with real money. Oh, how times have changed.

In a previous press release following a livestream prior to Diablo 4’s launch, Blizzard devs stated that “building on top of the hundreds of armour and weapon styles you can unlock in the game, the Shop serves to offer you even more diverse cosmetic options.

Blizzard is adamant that none of the items on offer for purchase in Diablo 4’s item Shop offers any gameplay advantage – these are simply cosmetics items that can be used to don your chosen class with a new look.

What’s in the Diablo 4 item Shop this week? (June 6, 2023)

For the week of June 6, 2023, there are plenty of different cosmetics on offer to suit many players’ different tastes. Below, you’ll find screenshots of all of the items you’ll find in the Shop along with how much each particular set costs.

‘Recommended For You’ cosmetics

skins in diablo 4 store

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  • Blood For Money (Rogue): 2,000 Platinum
  • Duality Manifest (Necromancer): 800 Platinum
  • Elder Symbology (Sorcerer): 1,000 Platinum
  • Triune Apostate (Necromancer): 2,500 Platinum
  • The Host of Chaos (Sorcerer): 2,400 Platinum
  • Weights and Measures (Rogue): 800 Platinum
  • Wraith Lord (Necromancer): 2,800 Platinum
  • Viscera Maven (Necromancer): 1,800 Platinum

Barbarian and Druid cosmetics

Druid and Barbarian items for the week of June 6 in Diablo 4

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  • Death Toll (Barbarian): 2,400 Platinum
  • The Lion’s Share (Barbarian): 800 Platinum
  • Totem of Ursus (Barbarian): 1,400 Platinum
  • Ill-Gotten Gains (Barbarian): 1,000 Platinum
  • Sunken Treasures (Druid): 900 Platinum
  • Watcher In The Wilds (Druid): 1,700 Platinum
  • Atonement Measures (Druid): 800 Platinum
  • Heir To The Sea (Druid): 2,600 Platinum

Necromancer and Rogue cosmetics

Cosmetics items in Diablo 4 item shop this week for Necromancer and Rogue

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  • Death Throes (Necromancer): 800 Platinum
  • Death in Hawezar (Necromancer): 1,400 Platinum
  • Desert Datura (Necromancer): 1,500 Platinum
  • Blight Warden (Rogue): 1,300 Platinum
  • Dressed To Kill (Rogue): 1,300 Platinum
  • Tools Of The Hunt (Rogue): 1,000 Platinum
  • Raised By Wolves (Rogue): 2,500 Platinum

Mounts and Sorcerer cosmetics

Sorcerer and mount items in Diablo 4 this week

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  • Fractured Magic (Sorcerer): 2,500 Platinum
  • Sorceric Binding (Sorcerer): 800 Platinum
  • Magic Of The Sands (Sorcerer): 1,200 Platinum
  • Thaumaturge (Sorcerer): 1,800 Platinum
  • Bloodfiend Advent (Mount): 1,000 Platinum
  • Brackish Fetch (Mount): 800 Platinum
  • Death’s Burden (Mount): 800 Platinum
  • The Weight of Gold (Mount): 1,600 Platinum

Outside of these particular cosmetics, players can also find additional items within the ‘Add Ons’ tab of the store, which include edition upgrades for those that may have purchased Diablo 4’s Standard or Deluxe editions, to a ‘Crypt Hunter’ mount.

When does the Shop reset in Diablo 4?

According to the in-game timer within the item store, Diablo 4’s Shop will next reset on Tuesday, June 13, 2023, meaning that there is still plenty of time for gamers to pick up one of the skins above before they are potentially moved out of rotation.

How much does Platinum cost in Diablo 4?

Platinum prices shown on PlayStation for Diablo 4

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Players can buy different packs of Platinum in Diablo 4, each of which costs slightly more than the last while also providing additional bonuses of extra Platinum for the larger packs when purchased:

  • 200 Platinum: £1.79/$1.99
  • 500 Platinum: £4.39/$4.99
  • 1,000 Platinum: £8.39/$9.99
  • 2,500 Platinum (+300 additional Platinum): £20.99/$24.99
  • 5,000 Platinum (+700 additional Platinum): £41.99/$49.99
  • 10,000 Platinum (+1,500 additional Platinum): £84.99/$99.99

What do we know about the Battle Pass in Diablo 4?

A necromancer with a shield

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Diablo 4’s Battle Pass will feature both a free track and a paid premium track, which players can level up through and unlock various items and boosts. Diablo fans are no strangers to seasonal systems, as Diablo 3 has subsisted on its seasonally refreshed content for years now. Diablo 4 seems to be continuing this approach, while also giving us a much more traditional season pass. 

As with the purchasable cosmetics, Blizzard has been quick to clear up any doubt that this fully-priced game will feature any pay-to-win purchases like Diablo Immortal. The free tiers that are available to everyone will have gameplay boosts, such as increasing your experience gains. Its premium tier, however, will only include cosmetic items.

The Battle Pass will combine a progression system for all players with a purely cosmetic paid system. While this still may not be ideal, at least they aren’t asking for a down payment on a new car just to level up your Barbarian.

So, that’s everything there is to know about monetisation in Diablo 4’s Shop. Be sure to check out our Diablo homepage for the latest news and guides, or visit our Diablo 4 Battle Pass page for a more in-depth breakdown of what we know about the upcoming feature.


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