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Japanese beauty lovers will be glad to know that Ainz & Tulpe, a Japanese beauty and lifestyle store, has opened its first Southeast Asian store in Bukit Jalil Tsutaya Books at Pavilion Bukit Jalil!

Ainz & Tulpe (A&T) brings over 4,000 products ranging from skincare, makeup and fashion from 250 unique Japanese brands to the Malaysian market.

The store also seeks to educate consumers on the latest beauty and cosmetic trends to create more awareness of Japanese cosmetics and how it promotes simplicity in all its skincare routines.

If you’re unsure what to look for or get, their helpful store assistants will be happy to assist and even explain the products’ unique formulation and gentle textures that will nourish the skin.

A&T also carries three exclusive top-tier brands: the award-winning AYURA, the beautifully packaged LIPS & HIPS, and the eye makeup brand DAZZSHOP.


The friendly staff at Ainz & Tulpe explains to customers about its award-winning brand – AYURA.

By naming itself after the Sanskrit term “ayus” that means ‘life’, the brand aims to promote positivity and harmony amongst people, nature and the universe by boosting inner health and well-being.

Thus, AYURA only uses natural plant-based ingredients, and it’s highly suitable for sensitive skin.

AYURA is easily spotted in the store due to the array of beautiful and colourful bottles. The brand has consistently bagged many beauty awards for its best-selling products – AYURA Clear Refiner and AYURA Balancing Primer – which are in store here.


LIPS & HIPS fragrance range

LIPS & HIPS celebrates feminity and happiness with its fragrant scents and alluring product packaging. The skin-friendly ingredients are carefully selected by pharmacists.

There are four fragrances – Lily Bergamot, Savon, Romance Bouquet, and Fruity Rose. The brand’s best-selling hand creams that are highly moisturising also come in the same four scents.


Colourful mascaras.

DAZZSHOP is known for its high-quality eye makeup products such as cream eyeshadow and colourful range of mascaras.

The must-try product is the cream eyeshadow named Sparkling Gem. It’s highly pigmented, lustrous, and creamy which makes it easy to blend on the eyelids, and it lasts all night upon application.

Aside from the three main brands, there are other best-selling products like Oneskin’s Cica Cream; Fujiko’s FPP Powder; AYURA’s Rhythm Concentrate Water; Chacott’s Finishing Powder Matte; The Public Organic’s Super Bouncy DM Shampoo and Treatment; and Vasilisa’s Perfume Stick.

Earn points with membership

Beauty fans should check out A&T’s membership mobile app to earn points and discounts for their purchase.

Customers can earn a point for every RM20 spent, whether they shopped in-store or on its online shop. Upon collecting 60 points, customers can get RM60 off their next purchase.

The app is free to download on Google Play, Apple App Store, and Huawei AppGallery.

Further expansion plans

Soon, beauty enthusiasts will be able to shop at Ainz & Tulpe in a few more locations. Ainz & Tulpe plans to include five more outlets in Malaysia within the next two years.

Our goal is to bring A&T Japan to Malaysia. Not just the store and its products but also the whole experience and ambience of shopping at A&T Japan outlets. We want our customers to be able to soak up the true Japan shopping experience right here in Malaysia.

Kimei Rieko, Chief Executive Officer of AMC Retail Malaysia Sdn Bhd at the store’s launch.

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