The History of Whoo, CNP, Ohui and belif owner has stated that the operating environment in China, including travel retail, continues to be unfavourable.

It reported a Q3 sales slump of 23.1% yoy to KRW789bn (US$550m) for its beauty division, while operating profit plunged 68.6% yoy to KRW68bn (US$48m)

The firm noted that the quarter is ‘usually a slow season for cosmetics’, but added: “Consumption in China continued to shrink due to lockdowns. Offline stores struggled with lockdown measures and online sales faced tightening government regulations on e-commerce influencers.”

On the plus side, it added that momentum grew for the Ohui and CNP ‘to become the next leading luxury brands’, with sales increasing 22% and 2% yoy respectively.

It also said it was making progress in premium colour cosmetics.

“Pearl makeup brand ‘Glint’ went viral soon after its online release and became the number one highlighter. With its successful launch, ‘Glint’ quickly became available in the largest H&B store in Korea and is gaining popularity among consumers.

“In North America, The Crème Shop is expanding its potential customer base (over 460,000 followers on Instagram) by introducing new products and expanding to various channels,”​ it added.

Daily delivers

The firm’s household and daily beauty division (HDB) fared much better, with quarterly sales increasing 8.8% yoy to KRW587bn (US$410m), although operating profit decreased 11.8% yoy to KRW56bn (US$39m)

Robust sales growth was primarily driven by solid performance across oral care, hair care and body care categories.


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