CosmeticsDesign-USA (CDU): What does Orveon expect beauty holiday shopping will look like this year?

Brinn Garner (BG): Historically, when people face tough financial times, they are even more compelled to want to look and feel their best – one of the many reasons we often see the beauty industry as being “recession resilient.” That said, it is inevitable that ongoing economic and supply chain challenges will have an impact on beauty and personal care sales to some extent, causing shifts in typical holiday purchases.

We see ‘affordable luxuries’ and trial sizes or gift samplers being particularly popular with consumers this holiday season, balancing looking and feeling good with a budget. 

CDU: Will consumers be focused on in-store or e-commerce shopping?

Salima Popatio (SP): We expect e-commerce to drive the lion’s share of holiday sales this year, due to the convenience of the channel and the digital deals that arise around big sale days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. That said, we also are seeing the rebound to in-store shopping remaining strong. The likes of Ulta and Target that offer a wide variety for consumers will likely do well this year as shoppers flock back to stores, leading to more last minute and impulse purchases than we saw in the last couple years.

Across the board, whether online or in-store, self-care and festive looks (as many return to traditional office events, parties and more) are dominating trends this holiday season and beauty purchases will be key to bringing these to life for consumers.


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