Priyanka Chopra is many things. A hugely successful actor who has managed to navigate the notoriously difficult cross over from Bollywood to Hollywood; a wife to one of the most famous musicians of our generation (Nick Jonas); a new mother; an activist for social injustices and a businesswoman putting the needs of minorities at the forefront. And those are just the things off the top of my head.

While the many facets of Priyanka Chopra is all of that and so much more, to me, she is one of the first people I saw on screen, on red carpets, on billboards of global campaigns that looked anything like me. 

I’m not nervous to meet Priyanka (albeit over the phone), because I already know so much about her. I’m not talking about her impressive CV, or even the nuggets of her life she shares on social media. I know her because she is me and I am her – two South Asian women existing in a world that hasn’t always allowed us to be visible.

In the same way you would be of a big sister, I’m proud of Priyanka. Proud to share the same heritage, the same skin, and the same desire for women to feel considered. It’s that hugely important consideration that has led Priyanka to her latest collaboration with Max Factor. 

As someone who grew up desperately wanting to find a lipstick that didn’t make my brown skin look icy, or an eyeshadow pigmented enough that it would show up on my complexion, this collection of makeup staples, that’s designed to suit every skin tone, has a way of making you feel important. 

I caught up with the global superstar to talk through her beauty and wellness rituals – and how the industry is working towards more representation.  

My evening skincare routine is important to have a sense of grounding. 

Its therapeutic properties really help me feel good before I go to bed. I spend 5 minutes on it, just using my serums and oils and I find that time really centres me. I used to be that person that thought I was too busy to give time to myself, but if you can brush your teeth you can do this.

Not living in extremes has helped to not let anxiety lead my life. 

I start my day with a lemon, ginger and parsley shot because it’s just good and detoxing. But my wellness really comes from my mental health. I work out, I believe in having a sense of balance. I lived in extremes during my 20s, but that’s too tumultuous. Now I’m getting older I look for balance, whether that’s taking a walk with my dogs and the baby, or having a minute to myself with my face mask and my coffee, or oiling my hair, or my night time routine listening to some music. Five minutes of doing something for you can really help heal the day.


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