The partnership, announced in September, including the launch of Revieve-driven AI skincare advisor and AR make-up try-ons, aimed to make the shopping experience hyper-personalized.

Sampo Parkkinen, CEO of Revieve, told CosmeticsDesign the benefit of a retailer like JCPenney integrating AI and AR technology is to allow consumers at various endpoints to effectively reach the purchase point on a self-serve basis.

“But beauty consultants can also harness and use these types of solutions to effectively provide superpowers and supercharge the knowledge, credibility and in-depth engagement with an individual consumer in an in-store environment,”​ Parkkinen said.

A “fresh approach” to department store retail

Parkkinen said the launch of these beauty and personal care technologies lines up with JCPenney’s efforts to integrate more digital solutions into the shopping experience.

“Effectively what we are doing with JCPenney is enabling the consumer to access digital solutions inside the consumer journey for skincare and color cosmetics,”​ Parkkinen said. “That enables them to discover products, with makeup, try those products on and ultimately purchase those products with the help of technology.”

He also said Revieve doesn’t aim to replace beauty advisors or eliminate the physical retail environment but instead uses technology to aid professionals to be more effective. 

As a retail store that can carry thousands of beauty and personal care products, Parkkinen said the application of AI and AR technologies can also be beneficial to brands. 


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