With this digital beauty platform, users will be able to receive skin and body analysis, advice and solutions, as well as counselling. At the same time, it will function as an e-commerce and beauty discovery platform.

User will be able to receive personalised information based on the skin and body data the platform accumulates.

During the firm’s latest general meeting of shareholders, Shiseido president and CEO Masahiko Uotani elaborated that this beauty platform will not just offer topical skin care advice but also other health and lifestyle aspects such as nutrition and sleep.

This platform will be accessible via portable devices like smartphones.

“We see the acceleration of a lifestyle where people make full use of their smartphones. So, it goes without saying that a major transformation is necessary in every aspect of our business,” ​said Uotani.

He highlighted that this would allow beauty consumers to reach out to its beauty consultants for advice.

“The most important thing about this platform is that our beauty consultants engage with our consumers at stores and through digital communication to become a trusted partner. By combining the power of people and digital, we will seek to build a business platform that consumers are able to reach out casually for counselling and beauty and health,”​ he said.

This development was driven by the acceleration of digital technologies in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Like many companies, Shiseido has observed consumers moving towards digital channels.


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