Days before Times Square was engulfed in a sea of glittery top hats and a shower of confetti to ring in 2023, fans of StayGolden Cosmetics and curious passersby near the pop-up store by Beautyque NYC x Style lab at the W Hotel had brand founder Danielle Edmond get their lips kiss-ready with the brand’s glitter lip kits.  


The kits, which come in Burlesque (a deep red), Baeby (baby pink), Glitz Glitter (purple) and That Bxtch (deep plum), are smudge and kiss-proof, said Edmond, who demonstrated the product’s wearability while sipping a cocktail.  


Named to Forbes’ “Next 1,000” list of upstart entrepreneurs, Edmond was inspired by Kylie Jenner’s lip kit craze. But, this Jamaican-born beauty founder puts her own spin on the lip kits.  


Not born a fashionista by any stretch of the imagination, Edmund’s towering stature made her a great basketball player. Her height helped launch a modeling career and, shortly thereafter, she entered the world of fashion.  


“I’m very introverted, but fashion brings out the beast in me,” Edmond told Beautyque NYC Founder Sonia Khemiri during a talk hosted at a pop-up store where her lip kits were being sold. “Being a model, I loved very bold, intricate pieces, things that made me feel alive, things that made me stand out, things that made me want to kill the runway and whenever I wore anything like that I would see the reaction from the crowd, and I felt that also inspired me to become this person whose very much into standing out and not fitting in. Because why? Why fit in?” 


StayGolden Cosmetics was founded in 2017 to do just that; help consumers tap into their inner beauty and express it without boundaries, according to Edmond. And while StayGolden Cosmetics’ glitter lip kits have been worn by trailblazing pop stars from Nicki Minaj to Lizzo, they aren’t just for celebrities. The longwearing glitter lip kits have reached all demographics from 60ish women to cheerleaders to TikTok beauty influencers to working professionals looking to rock a weekend look.  


“To see people transform into their true selves with our products is amazing and it’s so varied,” said Edmond.  


Edmond is also the founder of UQueen Organics, a vegan wellness brand that is ethically-sourced and cruelty- and paraben-free that she formed using her backgrounds in health administration and marketing. The line include toner, hydrator, cleanser and exfoliating gel, as well as hair care products for natural 4a-4b texture.   


“Your wellness is so important because it allows you to age gracefully,” said Edmond. 


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