NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today Stryx men’s cosmetics & skincare appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank and received an offer for a $600K deal from Robert Herjavec.

Stryx engineers discreet products for every guy to easily, confidently and comfortably look his best. When a pimple almost ruined Devir Kahan’s wedding day, he realized men nationwide were embarrassed to use makeup to cover zits. He founded Stryx in 2019 to change men’s grooming and help men feel more comfortable using cosmetics.

Stryx found in vetting its audience, many men were sneaking into the women’s aisle at drugstores or stealing cosmetics from their girlfriends. Stryx is expanding the men’s grooming category, as 70% of customers have never purchased a cosmetic product before, but now you can find them in Target, Nordstrom and other retailers. Stryx also participated in the XRC Labs accelerator program in 2020 which allowed them further investment, mentorship and valuable retail connections. Over the past year, Stryx experienced 250% sales growth, a 720% TikTok follower increase and Devir was included in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

Today Stryx celebrates a new growth milestone with its Shark Tank appearance.

“Our Shark Tank airing comes at such an exciting time for the company. We’ve been working for over three years building our brand, and we think Robert will play a major role in getting us to the next level. We plan to use his partnership and investment to expand our unique product offering and retail availability,” says CEO & Co-Founder, Devir Kahan.

“The pandemic also accelerated our brand as we’ve been able to help men look their best on Zoom calls, FaceTime dates and other virtual experiences,” says CMO & Co-Founder, Jon Shanahan, who leads Stryx’s social media strategy and content creation. Jon specifically leveraged the brand’s TikTok account for customer education and has seen a resulting 400% sales increase following certain postings. “Most of our customers are ages 25-45 with people-facing jobs – executives, real estate brokers, sales reps, waiters, models and actors. Lots of men come to us skeptical that cosmetics are only for women, but I’m a husband and father, and I hope to demonstrate that you can be secure in your masculinity and still wear a little concealer to cover a pimple or razor burn.” Most younger Stryx customers deal with acne, breakouts and redness, while older customers battle rosacea, dark circles and wrinkles.

“When I first saw Jon using Stryx products on TikTok, I immediately knew it was a company I wanted to get behind. I love their approach because it’s informative, comfortable and accepting for men who need some help to look and feel their best, whether it’s for a big job interview, social event, the bright lights of TV and film or just everyday,” says ESPN Host and Stryx Partner, Gary Striewski. “I’m proud to partner with Stryx to show men that wearing cosmetics doesn’t have to be intimidating.” In addition to Gary, BRAVO celebrity and Partner, Tom Sandoval, also represents the brand and co-created the Stryx Bronzing Gel.

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About Stryx

Stryx engineers discreet men’s cosmetic and skincare products for everyday guys to easily, confidently and comfortably look their best. Products are formulated specifically for men’s skin (see ingredients) and cruelty-free, available in Target,, Nordstrom Men’s Store NYC,, CVS,, and other select stores. Stryx also offers a subscribe-and-save discount on all their products so you can have them delivered stress-free. Learn more about Stryx on TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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