SUGAR Cosmetics, one of India’s largest omnichannel beauty companies and a cult favorite amongst Gen Z and Millennial consumers, opened doors to their 100th brand-owned store at VR Chennai Anna Nagar. 

Building further on the brand’s core mission of expanding distribution, SUGAR Cosmetics continued to invest in brick-and-mortar stores since its first store in early 2019 and now achieving its 100th store in under 3.5 years. The brand steadfastly had a phenomenal retail store count growth of more than 50 percent in the past year and diversified its overall product range to nearly 550+ SKU’s.

SUGAR Cosmetics started off as a D2C brand in 2015 that quickly ventured into offline trade in 2017. The brand grew from 2,500+ retail outlets in 2020 to 35,000+ retail touchpoints in over 500+ cities as of today. While a lot of brands rescinded their plans of opening stores and even shut down existing ones since the pandemic started, SUGAR Cosmetics launched 60+ stores in March 2020, keeping hygiene and safety as a top priority for their retail customers. Among these new launches, SUGAR ventured into key metro cities with 15+ stores in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Jalandhar, Nagpur, and more.


Vineeta Singh, Co-founder, and CEO, SUGAR Cosmetics said, “We are extremely proud of the team to have got SUGAR Cosmetics to reach a century in a record-breaking time. And extremely ecstatic to have launched this 100th brand-owned store in Chennai. At SUGAR Cosmetics, we have ensured to stay put and focus on our core pillars – distribution, product, content, and community.” 

Even during the pandemic, we have continued to add shelf space and pushed our offline expansion when the other brands were exiting retail. Since the launch of our first store, we have come a long way till now in a very short span of time. With an increasing number of customers preferring to shop at brick-and-mortar outlets and our retail stores accounting for about 65 percent of our revenue, we are hopeful that this launch will reflect our commitment towards them,” she added.

SUGAR Cosmetics is available across 35,000+ outlets in the country, with the south being a key market for the brand – housing the second-highest number of its retail touch-points from all four zones PAN India. Understanding that offline retail will continue to dominate over the next 10 years in terms of purchases, the brand plans to expand offline across 60,000 stores over the next 12-15 months. The brand will strengthen its retail footprint by enhancing the retail marketing and visual merchandising experience, along with an extra emphasis on its product line, and distribution.

These brand-owned stores house all the best picks in categories that cover Lips, Eyes, Face, Nails, and Skin allowing customers to enjoy a plethora of 550+ beauty and makeup products. The stores are designed to give makeup enthusiasts the ultimate retail experience of their holy grail beauty products. The product range extends from a diverse range of foundations, concealers, eyeshadow, lipsticks, highlighters, bronzers, and even skincare. Additionally, the stores also feature video screens and in-store assistance for customers to choose the perfect match for them.


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