Customers increasingly shop online for health, beauty and grooming products in today’s digital world.

That’s why Space 48 conducted an online survey to understand better what customers deem important when shopping for beauty and cosmetics online, what a great customer experience looks like to shoppers, how customers shop for beauty and cosmetics, what shoppers expect from brands online, and more. Let’s delve into the survey findings.

What Customers Deem Important When Shopping for Beauty and Cosmetics Online 

When buying health and beauty products online, shoppers reported that the quality of information on product pages is key. Specifically, shoppers look for detailed product descriptions that include information about ingredients, usage instructions, visuals, etc. Additionally, they prefer images that display the product size and texture. Shoppers also value being able to read reviews from other customers who have tried the product before them and compare different products side-by-side—all of which can be found on most e-commerce sites these days.

What a Great Customer Experience Means to Shoppers 

The survey results revealed that a great customer experience means fast delivery times (within two days or less), clear communication about order status updates throughout the purchase process (including shipping notifications), easy returns if necessary, helpful customer service agents who can answer questions quickly with accurate information, access to multiple payment methods (especially buy now pay later options), loyalty rewards programs with discounts/freebies available for frequent purchases/reviews/referrals – all of which helps build trust in the brand. Customers also appreciate well-designed websites with simple navigation so they stay aware while browsing or ordering products.

How Customers Shop Online For Beauty And Cosmetics 

The survey found that when shopping online for beauty and cosmetics products, customers often start their journey by researching various digital channels, such as searching Google or visiting social media sites like Instagram or YouTube, where they watch influencer videos. Additionally, many use blogs/forums/discussion groups to connect with people who have tried similar products before purchasing. They might even search YouTube reviews from other buyers before deciding which item is best suited for them. Finally, customers reported that advertising influences their decision to purchase skincare or beauty items; however, this influence is much greater when consumers feel connected to the brand through its messaging rather than just seeing ads without context.


Our survey uncovered interesting insights into how people shop online for health and beauty items. Understanding these findings will help you create an effective strategy for selling health, beauty and grooming items online!

Download it here.

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