We’re probably all a little guilty of collecting too many makeup products. Purchasing what seems like a few harmless tubes of lipstick and mascara can quickly spiral into a bathroom overflowing with compacts, palettes, and more, which is why setting up an organized system ahead of time is key.

The difference between organizing beauty products and other items

Experts say there’s a reason to keep your products within arms reach and in your eye line, and it’s not just to change up your routine more frequently. “The primary reason that organizing beauty products is different from organizing items like shoes, jewelry or clothing is that beauty products are perishable,” co-founders of Done & Done Home Kate Pawlowski and Ann Lightfoot tell BAZAAR.com. “So while you may be able to hold on to a pair of shoes you never wear, keeping makeup can be hazardous to your health. Be sure to check expiration dates and as a general rule, toss foundation, blush and eyeshadow after two years, lipstick after about a year and mascara and eyeliner every three months.”

Whether you decide to store your products in a drawer or under the sink, the duo also advises separating each of them into categories—concealers with concealers, eyeliners with eyeliners—to curb overbuying and minimize clutter. “If a person can see that they already own ten lipsticks, it’s less likely that they will impulsively purchase another,” the co-founders explain.

How to maintain an organized set-up

To stay consistently organized, Pawlowski and Lightfoot recommend doing a quick refresh of your makeup collection every three months (which is the lifespan of most eye products) to double check expiration dates, with a more thorough edit once per year. And, if you’ve sifted through your makeup collection and found a few products worthy of a new home, there are a number of organizations willing to take some items off your hands.

“There are several charities that we love sending unused beauty to, but because of the pandemic, many organizations are only accepting unopened products at this time, so we recommend double checking any donation policies to avoid confusion,” say Pawlowski and Lightfoot. “Our first choice for donations are usually local shelters and women’s organizations. A quick Google search and a phone call to find out what is needed and accepted can make a real difference to women who live locally. We also recommend Project Beauty Share if a local option isn’t available. They’re currently accepting donations and their website has all the information about what their mission is and where to send unused and even gently used products,” they add.

For the best makeup organizers and professional tips to guide your next product purge, we asked the mother-daughter duo for their favorite picks to keep your items neat and accessible. Here, some of their tried-and-true expert organization tips to help transform your bedroom or bathroom into a beauty storage haven.


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