TikTok is exposing a bizarre secret: a popular makeup chain appears to be shuttering stores instantaneously around the country.

Current and soon-to-be former Morphe Cosmetics employees are taking to the social media app to share videos that allege that the retailer is closing stores and employees are being told that they will soon be unemployed — all with less than a week’s notice and no explanation.

One user posted a video of her showing up to work only to find the store completely vacant and unstaffed.

“We have not received answers as to whether we will still have jobs or if our store will remain open,” the employee said. “Justice for Morphe retail employees.”

The hashtag #JusticeForMorpheRetailEmployees then began trending with others from all over the country telling their own stories and experiences in the past week with the company, with some given as little as four day’s notice that their store would be shuttering.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the hashtag had over 6.7 million views.

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“We didn’t know the company was going bankrupt,” one now-former employee said in her video. “They told us it’s rumors … it’s not true … your employees should not be left in the dark and should not be unemployed with four days’ notice.”

Another employee shared that he was only receiving a “heartbreaking” three weeks severance, even though he’s been with the company for five years.

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“It literally breaks my heart. It f***ing shatters me,” he said behind tears. “I was not able to sleep. I’m just mentally drained, mentally and emotionally drained.”

FORMA Brands, which is Morphe’s parent company, hired Eric Hohl as the new CEO and Chairman of the Board last May, saying he was set to bring an “exciting vision for the next phase of FORMA’s evolution.”

Insider reported that a representative for FORMA confirmed that locations in the U.S. were closing but did not specify how many or why certain locations were chosen.

“Decisions that impact our people are incredibly difficult and we extend our deepest gratitude to the dedicated Morphe store team members at the closing stores for delivering outstanding beauty experiences to countless consumers over the years,” the representative said in a statement.

Neither FORMA nor Morphe has released a public statement.

In October, rumors began to swirl that FORMA was considering filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.

“Forma Brands is engaged in constructive discussions with our financial stakeholders regarding ways to strengthen the company financially and enable us to reinforce our focus on the opportunities we see ahead for our brands. We are excited about the products we will continue to bring to our customers,” a company representative said at the time.

Entrepreneur has reached out to FORMA Brands for additional information.


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