Back with a vengeance: Data reveals top emerging beauty trends as ‘revenge spending’ soars in Japan​​

Coloured brows, K-beauty, sustainability, and genderless cosmetics are among the top trends to keep an eye on in Japan as beauty consumers embark on revenge shopping sprees.

Since the priority measures such as spread prevention were lifted nationwide on March 21, 2022, revenge consumption was seen in the cosmetics industry as well as in the travel and food and beverage industries.

Since local authorities loosened social distancing measures in March, online beauty platform @cosme has observed revenge consumption in the cosmetics market. In May, its flagship store, @cosme Tokyo, set record-high monthly sales.

In late May, it conducted a survey of consumers which reported that 70% of respondents said they would increase spending on cosmetics. It was higher (80%) among younger consumers in their 20s.


Stress management: Mitigating the negative effects of stress driving beauty R&D for Clariant​​

Clariant says managing the adverse impact of stress on our physical appearance is driving its research and development in a post-pandemic world.

The Swiss company was at in-cosmetics Asia 2022 trade show in Bangkok, Thailand, to showcase three ingredients that all relate to the concept of mitigating how stress affects or skin or hair.

“That’s what drives all our developments at this time. Managing stress is really what drives our R&D,”​ said Alexandre Lapeyre, global head of marketing and business development actives and natural origins.

This approach to beauty has taken root over the past few years as we collectively coped with the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic.


Mane problem: Evidence of long COVID hair loss could spur demand for effective natural solutions​​

Gencor Pacific is eyeing huge opportunities in Asia Pacific’s anti-hair loss market, as studies show it is a common effect of long COVID.


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