MONTRÉAL, Dec. 15, 2022 /CNW/ – Today, the first T&T Supermarket store in Montréal opens its doors in the borough of Saint-Laurent. The store is located at 300 Sainte-Croix Ave, near the intersection of Highways 15 and 40, it will be able to serve all residents of the Greater Montreal area with an unparalleled offering of Asian products and food.  Representing a multi-million dollar investment, this 6,500 square meter store is the chain’s first in Québec and the largest in the country. The store is creating more than 300 new jobs in the area and promise a unique culinary experience to its customers.

“We are finally embarking on our adventure in Quebec in order to not only meet the Asian communities here but to offer a unique culinary experience to every Quebecers,” says Tina Lee, CEO of T&T.   In my many visits to Québec, I have been excited to discover a rich culinary culture that combines creativity and diversity and I look forward to T&T contributing to Quebecers’ growing appetite for new culinary experiences and discoveries”.

“We are very pleased to welcome T&T Supermarket to Saint-Laurent, a vibrant and thriving community known for its cultural diversity,” said Saint-Laurent Mayor Alan DeSousa. In addition to creating hundreds of jobs, this first store in Quebec will contribute to increasing the food supply for our residents while enhancing a strategic commercial site. We wish it every success,” said Alan DeSousa.

“The first time I visited a T&T I was very impressed and I told Tina, we HAVE to bring T&T to Quebec.   Living in Montreal, I know people will love T&T’s unique fresh assortment. Seafood, kitchen and bakery are particularly outstanding and will appeal to a much wider audience.  T&T is a growing part of Loblaw’s business and we’re excited to bring them to Quebec,” said Robert Sayer, Loblaw’s Chief Operating Officer. 

The Montréal T&T store offers:

  • Over 20,000 products including a wide variety of fresh produce, premium fruits and gifts, live seafood, and trendy snacks.
  • Quality fresh food and products prepared and cooked in-store or sourced from across Asia – authentic Asian pastries, custom cakes, sushi bar, self-serve hot food station, barbeque station, and rare find street foods such as Asian-style crepes and pork belly buns.
  • A variety of imported beers and wines from different parts of Asia, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic beers sold exclusively at T&T. In fact, this store is the first and only T&T in the country to sell alcohol.
  • T&T’s full line of private label products, up to 400 items, including Asian comfort foods such as scallion pancakes and dumplings, pantry stables such as sauces and noodles, healthy snacks and kitchen accessories.
  • Health and beauty products and cosmetics that are only found in Asia and are known for their effectiveness.

The history of T&T

T&T’s founders, Cindy and Jack Lee, opened their first Vancouver supermarket in 1993, at a time when Asian products were hard to come by in grocery stores.  They named the store after their two daughters, Tina and Tiffany – T&T.  Cindy fell in love with retail and as a mom, she knew exactly what other moms needed.  That’s why, even today, T&T stores have a kitchen and bakery with a wide variety of ready-to-eat meals and breads baked on site, to take the pressure off parents to prepare meals at home for the family.  T&T offers an array of foods and dishes that help Asian families connect to their roots and carry on cultural and culinary traditions but has also become a destination for those who are eager to discover new culinary and gastronomic experiences.

About T&T Supermarket
T&T Supermarket is the largest Asian supermarket chain in Canada, operating stores in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec. T&T Supermarket was founded in Vancouver in 1993 and is now led by second generation successor and CEO Tina Lee. T&T Supermarket is headquartered in Richmond, British Columbia and has 31 stores and 5,300 colleagues. For more information, visit

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