LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 29, 2022 / Best known for its rich and matte-finish lipsticks in a rainbow of colors, Unicorn Gang Shop has enjoyed a successful, exclusively online, and direct-to-consumer cosmetics business since 2018. In a bold but entirely necessary move, the company is giving customers more than one shopping experience by opening a retail space filled with its award-winning makeup selections. This isn’t just a space to purchase luxurious cosmetics, however. It’s a safe space and launchpad for the community to come together and embrace one another while creating in color. UGS wants its loyal clientele to bring bold and quirky to the retail space to activate their truest selves.

Unicorn Gang Shop set out to change the definition of beauty by opening a new space for people to embrace their natural looks. Christina Smith created UGS in 2017 from a sketchbook of dreams based on the foundation UGS would change and defy the beauty industry standards. Growing up in the 90s and 2000s, the company’s leader saw images of what society considered beautiful imprinting on adolescent minds. UGS sold small pieces to family and friends, and in 2018, it took its powerhouse cosmetics to the masses and created self-confidence through long-lasting and meaningful relationships with its followers.

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Before the internet, sourcing cosmetics involved regular trips to the mall, various department stores, and pharmacies. Within the walls of those meccas lived the indomitable cosmetic counters, where shoppers could test shades of eyeshadow, lipstick, concealer, and other makeup choices. It was a day’s affair to “go get your makeup done” by an experienced artist. While the original bones of mall culture have since turned to dust, special circumstances have been born from the ashes. Unicorn Gang Shop’s new storefront is located at 101 Kingston Collection Way inside the Kingston Collection, an upscale mall in southeastern Massachusetts. UGS knew cosmetic shoppers had taken a considerable amount of their business to e-commerce channels over the years, so it capitalized on that opportunity by creating an online market for its brand. Its lipstick formula went viral multiple times, and by 2021, UGS scored success by winning Indie Mood Awards in that year and 2022 for the most underrated brand and best lip product. Naturally, the new retail space will feature the “Lip Wall”, a dedicated portion of the store filled with their award-winning lipsticks set against a massive lip structure.

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After building a solid online client base, Unicorn Gang Shop realized the value of adding face-to-face interactions and an opportunity to stake long-term relationships with in-person service. UGS is part of a movement to revive the many low-vacancy malls of the past. COVID-19 shut down the world, and with it, anchor stores pulled out of large malls in many U.S. cities, leaving the buildings sparse or vacant. But Kingston is taking their local mall and focusing on small businesses in a rebirth of the belief that humans need interaction and real-life experiences in everything, including cosmetic shopping.

UGS settled into one of the spaces available as part of a unique collective of entrepreneurs, rather than franchises or chain stores. The space was formerly home to a Journey’s from days gone by. Those familiar with the old store will see remnants in the UGS studio, like neon lights and the colorful vibes leftover. Unicorn Gang Shop reprised the hands-on experience of the past, making “going to get your makeup done” something to cherish once more. Its bombshell “lip wall” provides an interactive space for customers to test before they buy. Of course, the retail space serves up testing areas for all of its products to give clients the full experience of “try before you buy.”

Despite explosive growth, UGS never wants to grow too big and lose the personal connection. Stepping into a physical location was the final component needed to fully reach their demographic, which is everyone, everywhere. Unicorn Gang Shop is an inclusive, safe space welcoming all customers to both its online site and comfortable new Kingston locale.

In addition to its storefront, a warehouse behind the retail floor allows UGS to create its product lines on-site and perform many different facets of business, like in-house marketing and shipping. The company can offer its award-winning customer service for its online clientele and folks who pop in to peruse the store and take a bite at the “lip bar”. Visits to the new retail space by UGS fans from out-of-state places like Rhode Island and Connecticut explicitly looking for the brand show loyalty to a quality, clean, made-in-the-U.S. cosmetic line and give UGS a chance to put a face to the name of its users.

Unicorn Gang Shop manufactures quality and recognizes that beauty lives in all people. The company met the needs of its current and future clients by embracing the reality that some consumers want to shop online while some want to peruse in person. That recognition rounds out UGS’s goal to offer an inclusive experience. Be a part of the movement with Unicorn Gang Shop to change the definition of beauty. Makeup doesn’t have to be hard, for the easiest path to alluring creativity is simply being yourself.


Unicorn Group Shop is an online cosmetics company focused on quality, vegan, and cruelty-free makeup. The company’s mission is to create a safe space where a sense of community rules and everyone is welcome, perceived flaws and all. UGS recently opened a retail space in Kingston, Massachusetts, giving users a hands-on experience with its vast array of lipsticks, lip liners, eye shadows, lashes, and more.


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