The Upcycled Beauty Company recently released its Zero Waste Beauty Report for 2022-2023. This week we’ll dive into the report’s three sections and how its findings are reflected in today’s cosmetics industry.

According to the University of Connecticut​, the beauty industry uses 120 billion units of plastic packaging every year. The Zero Waste Beauty Report by The Upcycled Beauty Company finds that consumers are interested in cutting down on packaging, including:

  • 91% of consumers prefer less packaging

  • 88% of consumers would like to refill their packaging

  • 92% of UK consumers say sustainable packaging is important to them

  • Half of consumers are less likely to buy products in environmentally harmful packaging

  • Almost three-fourths of consumers globally said they’d pay more for sustainable packaging

“To tackle packaging landfill, brands are reducing waste and reshaping the way they package and refill everyday personal items,”​ the report read. “But refill schemes come with their challenges and a shift in consumer behavior is required to make them work.”

The report outlined three areas of innovation to reduce packaging waste.

Return and refill

Refillable packaging programs are one of the key packaging reduction ideas on the market today, according to the report. 


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