Update: Riot Games extends Valorant Night Market

The Valorant Night Market for February 2023 is live on the client now. However, Riot Games surprised its Valorant playerbase by announcing that the market is here to stay for quite a while. It wrote on Twitter, “Dusk has fallen. Night. Market’s here… and will be for a bit longer. Now live from February 15 and extended through March 7.”

So the Night Market will be live on the client till 7th March.

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Nothing gets Valorant players more excited than the arrival of the Night Market in the game client. It is one of the best ways for players to get their hands on discounted in-game cosmetics and very rare skins at lower prices. The level of discount in the store depends on how rare the item is. This concept is inspired by the “Your Shop” in League of Legends, a limited-time, one-stop shop for players to purchase in-game cosmetics at discounts. The last time Valorant brought back the Night market was in December 2022 and it lasted an entire month, ending only on 7th January.

Almost a month later, players are already on the edge of their seats, hoping to make some hot purchases when the limited-time store goes live on the client. Notably, Riot Games confirmed the next Night Market for 2023. It wrote, “When the sun goes down, deals come to light. About time for a Night. Market.” 

Here’s all you need to know about the next Valorant Night Market in 2023.

When is Valorant Night Market returning in 2023?

Riot Games confirmed that the next Valorant Night Market is returning on 15th February in 2023. The store will be up on the clients till 27th February.

According to Riot Games’ announcement, the Valorant Night Market will be live on the servers on 16th February at 01:00 am UTC. This translates to 16th February 06:30 am IST in India.

Unlike last time when the store was available for a month, this time, the store will only be available for 12 days. So save your Valorant Points before the store goes live on the Valorant client. Keep in mind that players cannot access it after 27th February and will have to wait for it to return in a month or two’s time. 

Once the Night Market is available, players can see their customized selection of skins via an indicator in the main menu. Players need to note that the Valorant Night Market does not include recent skin releases so they cannot expect to see any skin collections that were released in the past two months.

One major drawback of this feature is its randomness. Even though the skins will be available for a longer time period, there is no way to guarantee the skins you want. The randomness of the Valorant Night Market can be frustrating since you may not get good skins or cosmetics that you want to potentially play with. Contrastingly, in League of Legends, the skins in Your Shop are presented to each player depending on their account activity. However, there is no such system in place for players in Valorant.

The Night Market can be accessed by navigating to the top right of the opening screen in Valorant and you can identify it easily. Once you are in the Market, you can click on the cards presented to you to reveal what skins are underneath. The color of the card’s background is an indicator of what cosmetic tier the skin belongs to. 


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